Insurance Option for Cancer Patients in India

Cancer Insurance in India

There has been rapid increase in the incidence of cancer in the country of the last 2 decades. While there is a lot to be done, advances in modern medicine, improved detection rates and medical infrastructure have led to an improved outcome for cancer patients.

Many Insurance companies in India have now launched cancer specific schemes in the country for the benefits for the patients and covering medical expenses at times of need. Based on the policy, insurance covers costs for diagnosis and treatment including hospitalization, surgery and chemotherapy treatment costs. Payouts of these insurance schemes differ from company to company.

How to Qualify for Cancer Insurance

Typically, to qualify for cancer insurance, the patient should not have a pre-existing condition for the disease. Also, if the person has been treated for the disease, companies typically do not provide insurance cover to these patients. However, this would be highly specific to each policy being purchased by the individual.

Names of a few Cancer Insurance Plans

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any particular policy mentioned below. All benefits/terms and conditions are determined by the insurance company directly.

Insurance Company Product Name Link with Details
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