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Financial Assitance to Cancer Patients in Goa

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The state government provides health benefits to its residents under an unique scheme called as Mediclaim from 1989. The benefit is available to all residents of goa, who have been staying in goa for a minimum of 15 years and have an annual household income less 1.5 lakhs per annum. Multiple diseases are covered under this scheme including cancer. The government has tie-ups with mutliple hospitals inside and outside the state so that the patient does

How to apply

To get benefits under this, the patient need to apply to the Director of Health Services, Panaji, Goa by submitting a completed application form. Application Link

Documentation Required

  • Photograph
  • Photo copy of election card of the patient;If the patient is a minor, photo copy of election card of either of the parent ;
  • Income certificate in Form-B (Annexure VI) from the concerned Mamlatdar.
  • Medical Certificate in Form -A
  • Note: This information keeps on changing from time to time. You can reach for further details at

Contact Details

Phone : +91 - 832- 2225540 / 2225646 or
Email : directorhealth_goa (at)
Read online here [Contact Nos]

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